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Select a model from the list to view and purchase parts. La Pavoni machines have gone through many changes since their release in 1971. It’s best to identify your model's age before purchasing. See instructions below. Please call us at 800-927-0277 if you are unsure.

La Pavoni lever machines require that the groups, sight glass and steam assemblies are rebuilt every 4-7 years. When a rebuild is recommended you will notice that the individual part is only sold as a set, not individually, this ensures that the rebuild process is complete.


Identify Your Model's Age

Most machines have a date code located under the steel base or plastic base cover. These can be accessed with a standard Philips head screwdriver and some require a torx wrench.

Measure the inside of your coffee baskets. Around 2000 la Pavoni reworked their coffee group’s, handles and baskets to the current 52mm diameter size, prior to that they were 48 mm. Machines produced after 2000 are called MILLENNIUM models and parts are designated with the letter M.   

Identify your power switch: Here are the different switches that were produced and their approximate years of production.

Toggle switch with I & II symbol      1971 -1974 Call for Parts

Rocker switch with I & II symbol stationary red light   1974 -1978 Call for Parts

Double rocker switches, white with I &II symbol and a red power switch   1979-1999

Single red rocker switch (professional models w/gauge)   1979-1999

Red rocker  switch with stationary green light below   2000 to present

Single green rocker switch (professional models w/gauge)   2000 to present