Terms & Conditions

You must be able to supply a State Tax Resale number.  Customers pay freight charges from our Mt. Vernon, N.Y. warehouse.

Our terms for Internet accounts is pre-payment only via chargecard or by check.
Business checks require 5 days to clear before we can release any order, we accept Visa or Mastercard only for amounts under $1500.00.
Orders totaling over $1500.00 require payment by wire transfer or bank check.

ALL accounts must fill out the business information form below.  Upon receipt of this application we will email you an access code allowing you to view current prices.

A chargeback fee of 20-30% will be assessed on all products returned incomplete and or damaged due to improper packaging. Unsold goods 1-year from date of purchase are non-refundable as well as discontinued items. All claims for damage, defective merchandise, errors or shortages must be directed to us no later than 3 days after receipt of merchandise. A fee of $15.00 per carton will be charged for undeliverable or refused orders.

SELLING PRICE TERMS & CONDITIONS: For all our Internet, Catalog and Storefront retailers.

E G & H offers a comprehensive drop-ship program for all our Internet accounts, all items including commercial machines are available for drop-ship.

Images that appear on our website are the sole property of European Gift & Houseware. Upon agreement of our Terms & Conditions our photos may be used for the purpose of reselling our products. E G & H reserves the right to refuse service to any account it deems detrimental to our image or products.  E-BAY (OR SIMILAR AUCTION TYPE) SALES OF ANY LA PAVONI PRODUCTS ARE STRICKLY PROHIBITED. E G & H will not honor repair warranties that result from these types of sales.

MAP (MANUFACTURERS ADVERTISED PRICE) POLICY: As noted on our electric's price list, we offer a suggested retail price for each item as well as a MAP price. In order to allow for an even playing field for both Internet sites as well as storefront retailers we request that our internet customers advertise products at MAP pricing only. This allows you the opportunity to build your clientele through design, sales and service as opposed to only price. Conformity with this program will insure that other sites or stores will not undersell you.  If you wish to sell below MAP then you must state CALL FOR PRICE as opposed to an advertised price next to the item.

A few ways you can distinguish your site is by offering incentives, such as a gift with purchase, extended warranty or free shipping. By selling at a larger profit margin you now have the resources to offer these types of expected extras.

As the exclusive United States importer of la Pavoni lever home machines we have a very significant interest in maintaining the integrity and public image of our products. This is only possible with the support of our clientele.