It's all in the Pull

What is the secret of a real Italian espresso coffee?


It's all in the pull. Become a La Pavoni Barista and lean the secrets of mastering your own perfect espresso coffee!

The beauty of a La Pavoni machine is its simplicity.
Boiling water is produced by the stainless steel heating element locatd at the bottom of the boiler. Steam accumulates at the top.

Coffee Is extracted by raising the lever.
This allows the water in the boiler to enter the coffee group and saturate the grinds.

Lowering the lever stops the flow of coffee into the group.
An internal piston connected to the lever then forces water through the grinds.

Since the top of the boiler is always filled with steam, frothing is quick and plentiful, and always on demand.

All plated La Pavoni machines are equipped with the Cappuccino Automatic attachment which draws milk directly out of a milk container.
The device then aerates while dispensing creamy froth directly into a cup.